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We focus on creating value for our disruptive clients worldwide at Vircon Legal, a technology native law firm

Vircon Legal is a full-service legal provider dedicated to meeting the unique needs of high-tech companies. Our team excels in delivering results that exceed expectations by understanding your business, technology, and goals. We view the attorney-client relationship as a collaborative partnership.

With a blend of innovative approaches and extensive experience, our lawyers focus on your legal requirements while appreciating your company’s technology, revenue streams, and overall needs. We offer tailored, effective, and result-oriented solutions across various legal disciplines.

We specialize in services for national and international clients, including blockchain strategies, corporate law, company restructuring, employment law, investment management, startup law, mergers & acquisitions, IT law, crowdfunding, special purpose vehicles, corporate governance, US company formations & flip-ups, regulatory privacy & cybersecurity, and competition law.

Our mission is to revolutionize legal consultancy by fusing business acumen, technological insight, strategic thinking, and legal proficiency. We collaborate with leading global law firms, academic institutions, international organizations, and consultancy firms to provide our clients with comprehensive and innovative legal solutions on a global scale.

ICOs & Crypto Currencies

We provide legal services for onchain clients as a crypto native law firm. We craft their strategy for incorporation, tokenomics and compliance in various jurisdictions. Our service includes AML & KYC practices and central exchange applications.

The US Company Formations & Flip-ups

We provide formation services to our clients on the formation of LLCs, corporations, and non-profit organizations in Delaware and Wyoming States of the US, and preparation of post-incorporation documents.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our leading corporate and M&A practice offers local and international expertise on all corporate matters and transactions. We manage deal flows in different jurisdictions and create ad-hoc models.

Privacy & Cyber Security

We advise our domestic and international clients in especially the market of construction, energy, retail, tourism, technology, game, software, marketing, etc. on a wide range of issues which includes the collection, processing, disclosure, and cross-border transfer of data.

Investment Management

We provide legal advisory to create the potential investment plan and structures, perform legal due diligence for the potential investments, and draw up, review, and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts and legal documents at the investment phase.

Startup Law

With the sense of our entrepreneur soul our part in the startup ecosystem, we understand your needs and concerns. We value your thoughts, dreams, and technology with an experienced commercial and legal perspective. We are pioneers of Startup Law in Turkey.

Crowd Investing (Crowdfunding)

We are ready to support our clients both investors and businesses to complete crowd investment transactions successfully. We help crowdfunding platforms to obtain licences and companies for doing managing and closing their crowdfunding campaigns.

Corporate Law

We advise small, medium-sized, and large-scale domestic and international companies in connection with all legal matters regarding their business transactions as well as commercial contracts. We help them for their board decisions and general assembly gatherings.

Company Restructuring

We offer legal advisory to the troubled companies, boards of directors, management, owners, creditors, and investors in the full spectrum of all restructuring transactions, including financial recapitalizations, business reorganizations, liquidations, and acquisitions.

Special Purpose Vehicles

We provide services on the establishment of the Special Purpose Companies (SPV) and management of relations between assets to ensure risk isolation for various funds and capital assets in different jurisdictions.

Corporate Governance

We provide our domestic and international clients with the appropriate legal structure for their business targets. We advise on a range of tax, ethics, dispute avoidance, and data protection issues.

Employment Law

We provide legal support in the most complex, sensitive matters, resulting in innovative legal solutions and are striving to work with you to build a strong employment strategy in order to minimize potential employment law-related disputes.


We offer a full spectrum of services addressing all aspects of competition law. Our expertise includes providing tailored opinions, developing robust compliance programs, and navigating complex competition law issues to ensure our clients remain competitive and compliant in today’s dynamic market.

IT Law

We provide our domestic and international clients with the appropriate legal structure for their business targets. We provide legal advisory in different industries such as game, information, marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) concerning intellectual property and privacy law-related matters.

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property practice safeguards your innovations with robust strategies and solutions, ensuring your competitive edge in the high-tech industry. From patent filing to trademark registration, we protect and enhance the value of your intellectual assets.


Hear from our clients around the world about their experiences with Vircon Legal. Read their stories and see why they trust us for their legal needs.

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