Vircon Legal Consultancy

Investment Management

We focus on serving our clients on their investment plans and transactions at every stage. We also advise our clients at the stage of fundraising, establishment, and incentive creation for fund management and pre-investment stages. 


We provide legal advisory to create the potential investment plan and structures, perform legal due diligence for the potential investments, and draw up, review, and negotiate any type of acquisition or investment contracts and legal documents at the investment phase. 


Our vision is to make the best of Turkey’s vast investment potential to support growing startups as well as the small, medium-sized, and large-scale domestic and international startups. With this aim, we are here for you in the whole investment process with our proficient knowledge and experience with angel investor networks, venture capitals, corporate venture capitals, and crowdfunding platforms for creating investments for entrepreneurs. 


Our Investment Management service includes, but not limited to, the following:


  • Resolving regulatory and compliance issues
  • Determining the investment instruments
  • Conducting investment-related agreements including vesting, stock option, fund distribution, convertible notes, convertible debt, etc.  
  • Seed-capital, start-up, early-stage, pre valuation, post valuation, expansion, and growth capital investments

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